Vancouver Mall Area Street Projects

NE Van Mall Drive and Andresen Road Intersection

Over the past few years, you might have seen several street projects in the Vancouver Mall Neighborhood area. Funding for all of these City of Vancouver projects comes from local traffic impact fees and developer contributions. Find out more about each project listed below.

Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive Extension 

UPDATE: Contractors for the City of Vancouver will be removing existing signal poles and turning on the new signal system at Van Mall Drive and Andresen Road on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Flaggers will be controlling the intersection between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please go slow and be prepared for traffic changes and delays.The new street section is expected to open in the spring of 2017 when favorable weather returns and the final layer of pavement and striping can be applied.

Construction began in June, 2016, to improve Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive. This project will stretch from Northeast 72nd Avenue to Northeast 66th Avenue, and will include extending Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive west of Northeast Andresen Road with a new street that connects into Northeast 66th Avenue. The project will improve and optimize the signalized intersection at Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive and Northeast Andresen Road and includes the addition of a dedicated right-turn lane from Vancouver Mall Drive onto northbound Andresen Road. The C-TRAN bus pullout near the intersection along Andresen Road will also be improved. Sidewalk curb ramps that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will be upgraded or installed along Vancouver Mall Drive, between Northeast 72nd and 66th avenues.

When finished, the new Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive extension will include: 

   - One lane of traffic in each direction
   - Center turn lane
   - Sidewalks on both sides
   - East/west bike lanes
   - Street lights
   - Street trees (Note: Trees have been will be removed for this street connection. New street trees will be planted at the end of the construction work.)


Northeast 82nd Avenue Sidewalk Infill - Completed 2016

A short stretch of sidewalk was constructed along the east side of Northeast 82nd Avenue, from the existing sidewalk just north of the apartment complex (near Northeast 56th Street) to just south of Northeast 58th Street connecting it to the existing sidewalk. This new pervious sidewalk finished the pedestrian walkway and helps promote pedestrian safety and walkability for the neighborhood. Work also included planting new street trees, and a bike lane will be striped in the spring of 2017.

Northeast 45th Street Extension - Completed in 2015

The previous gravel road along Northeast 45th Street, from Northeast 72nd Avenue to about 200 feet west of Northeast 77th Avenue, was upgraded to a paved, urban street. This new street connects Northeast 72nd and Northeast 77th avenues, while also improving circulation for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Project elements include:

   - One lane of traffic in each direction
   - New curbs and sidewalks on both sides
   - East/west bicycle lanes
   - Storm water drainage and sanitary sewer improvements
   - Street lights
   - Street trees and landscaping

Northeast 82nd Avenue Improvement - Completed in 2015

Enhancements were made to Northeast 82nd Avenue, from Northeast 51st Street to Northeast 58th Street, to help promote safety, livability and travel capacity. This work included minor roadway widening with a new pedestrian crosswalk flashing signal at Northeast 51st Street. Project details include:

   - Minor widening of roadway with center turn-lane
   - North/south bicycle lanes
   - New ADA-compliant curb ramps and infill sidewalk between Northeast 51st and 54th streets
   - Pedestrian crosswalk with flashing signal at Northeast 51st Street intersection
   - Storm water drainage
   - Street trees and landscaping

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NE 82nd Avenue Sidewalk Project
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