Water Quality Reports

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The City of Vancouver Water Utility has been publishing an annual Water Quality Report since the 1990s. Our water undergoes rigorous testing, far beyond what is required by state and federal laws. In 2015, your water not only met all requirements, but in many cases was far better quality. 

As part of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all water utilities to provide their customers with an annual water quality report. The City of Vancouver Utility's 2015 Water Quality Report will be delivered by mail to customers' homes throughout our water service area in early June 2016 to keep you informed. We hope you will take a moment to read the report and learn more about Vancouver's clean, safe, high quality drinking water. 

2015 Water Quality Report

Read the report here in its entirety here. Or view the report page by page by clicking on the blue title links below. Descriptions are provided for each page.

Message from Your City of Vancouver Water Utility: Learn about the steps taken to test and protect your water, including periodically sampling water at homes for lead since 1992. Vancouver is committed to clean, safe, high water quality.

Water Summary: The City of Vancouver Utility tests and analyzes our water for more than 238 different substances, some regulated (required for testing) and some not. Once again in 2015, all results are below maximum levels set by federal and state agencies. Get the results of required testing at the groundwater source, within the distribution system and 2014 testing conducted at the tap. Results for other characteristics and secondary standards are also included here. 

More Information: Special information from EPA about water from all sources and potential health concerns. More substances and characteristics of customer interest from Vancouver's 2015 water tests. Terms and definitions used in this report. Information for customers who want to request other formats or languages. 

Home Tips and Water Source: Lead is not found in Vancouver's source water. The primary source of lead in drinking water here is from private plumbing installed in homes and other buildings prior to 1986. Read about simple steps to reduce exposure to lead from private plumbing. Learn the source of Vancouver's drinking water: 100 percent from aquifers.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and More: Information about chlorine and fluoride. Helpful contact information and webpages. Required EPA statement on drinking water contaminants from various sources, including those not used for City of Vancouver water.

Backflow Prevention and More: Annual backflow inspection reminder for in-ground sprinklers, pools, private wells and more. Citywide and Vancouver Public Works social media connections to stay informed.

Back Cover: Includes information on helping those in need through Vancouver Utility's H2O program.   

For questions about the quality of your drinking water or about this report, call 360-487-8177 or e-mail: tim.brace@cityofvancouver.us.

Previous Water Quality Reports

To view previous annual report to the community for 2014 and 2013 report, please click on the links below. To view past reports for 2012 and 2011, see the Supporting Documents section at the end of this page.

​Please see documents below for more annual Water Quality Reports from prior years.