Vancouver Municipal Code (VMC)

Disclaimer: Codification of City ordinances is an ongoing continuous process. The City Clerk's Office keeps the official version of the Vancouver Municipal Code. Users should contact the City Clerk's Office to determine whether a particular code section has been amended.

City Charter

13.04.010 Description of cemeteries
13.04.020 Operation and administration
13.04.030 Lot purchase--Contracts
13.04.050 Lots reserved for Pythian Home
13.04.060 Lots reserved for baby green
13.04.070 Maximum size of monuments
13.04.080 Regulations for interment of ashes
13.04.085 Burials after noon on Saturdays--Restriction--Additional fee
13.04.090 Schedule of grave prices
13.04.092 Price schedule--Amendment by city staff when
13.04.093 Cemetery map--Price per grave dependent upon zone
13.04.110 Cemetery improvement fund--Percentage of sale price deposited in
13.04.120 Cemetery improvement fund--Use
13.04.140 Cemetery improvement fund--Auditing
13.04.150 Cemetery improvement fund--Restrictions on use
13.04.200 Authority to make improvements
13.04.210 Provision for general plat
13.04.230 Record of grave sales
13.04.250 Money transferred to director of Financial and Management Services
13.04.260 Transfer of title to lot or grave
13.04.271 Retort maintenance reserve
13.04.272 Containers for caskets and urns
13.04.280 Record of interments kept by clerk
13.04.290 Record of interments kept by sexton
13.04.330 Stacking bodies
13.04.350 Lot enclosures
13.04.360 Corner posts
13.04.370 Family lots--Monument location--Size and number of markers
13.04.380 Monuments--Materials and location
13.04.430 Monuments placed on deeded lots only
13.04.440 Picking flowers prohibited
13.04.450 Monuments--Removal permitted when
13.04.460 Monuments--Removal prohibited--Exception
13.04.470 Driving vehicles into cemetery
13.04.480 Cemetery hours
13.04.490 Vertical stones prohibited
13.04.500 Marker foundations
13.04.510 Park Hill Cemetery cremation
13.04.530 Powers and duties of cemetery supervisor
13.04.560 Monument section of Park Hill Cemetery designated
13.04.570 Foundations and bases of monuments
13.04.580 Minimum number of graves per lot in monument section
13.04.600 Establishing or extending cemetery or crematory prohibited
13.04.610 Citation
13.04.620 Violation--Penalty