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Welcome to the City of Vancouver's Career Page

At the City of Vancouver, we strive to attract and maintain a diverse workplace that reflects our community. Our employees are proud to serve in an open, supportive environment where we are empowered to create solutions and outcomes that exceed the expectations of the citizens we serve.


+ The Vancouver Way

A Management Leadership Team Commitment

City of Vancouver inspires and motivates our employees, partners and community members to pursue a shared vision for Vancouver. The way we practice leadership in this pursuit reflects the following:


  • We acknowledge when conditions change and recognize new realities
  • We pursue the evolution of our practices in support of the best results
  • We seek out and support opportunities for continuous learning


  • We seek to understand before seeking to be understood
  • We welcome contrary opinions/dissent in pursuit of best practices
  • We strive to keep an open mind
  • We address critical questions and issues directly.
  • We focus on the issue, not the person

Personal Well-Being

  • We care for the health and performance of ourselves and our colleagues
  • We respect each other and those we serve
  • We support a balance between the demands of work and personal life


  • We are willing to innovate despite possible failure
  • We hold high aspirations for Vancouver
  • We rely on experimentation as a path to improvement
  • We support taking reasonable risk in service of the mission
  • We pursue multiple ways to serve Vancouver’s mission in the face of obstacles

Mutual Commitment and Respect

  • We are willing to challenge each other’s ideas
  • We rely on each other and ask for or offer help when needed
  • We seek ways to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • We strive to speak with a unified voice

Expect the Best from Ourselves and Others

  • We inspire people to realize their potential
  • We honor our commitments
  • We hold service to the community in high regard


Leadership: We inspire and motivate members of the organization, our partners and members of the community to pursue a shared vision for Vancouver. The City does this through the actions of its elected and appointed leaders and the activities of its workforce, and through its policies and allocation of resources.

Stewardship: We responsibly manage and protect the community's assets to maximize their benefit for today while preserving their value for future generations. Our assets include our people, the public’s trust, the natural and built environment and our financial resources.

Integrity: We reflect a high standard of honesty, objectivity and transparency in the conduct our relationships and work, fostering a sense of respect, trust and confidence among our employees and the city we serve.

Collaboration: We seek ways to work cooperatively to develop solutions that reflect the City's values, advance the interests of the community and support achieving the City's Vision.

Accountability: We recognize our decisions and actions - as individuals and as an organization - have an impact in the community. The City embraces responsibility and is accountable for those results.

+ City of Vancouver Core Competencies

The ability to quickly adapt to organizational change.

Assumes personal responsibility for one’s personal and professional actions and behaviors.

Honors differences among people and upholds the value of respect.

Holds oneself to a high standard of professional, honest, ethical and objective behavior.

Applies original or creative thinking to improve processes, methods, systems, products, and/or services.

Customer Focus
Anticipates, assesses, and responds effectively to the needs of diverse customers, both internal and external.

Demonstrates a commitment to responsible use of organizational resources.

Teamwork and Collaboration
The ability to effectively work with individuals, teams and organizations inside and outside of one’s immediate work area.

Self and Social Awareness
The conscious knowledge of one’s own character, biases, motives, feelings and goals and their impact on others.

Continuous Learning
The ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the need to continuously learn and improve one’s skills.

Additional Competencies for Directors/Managers/Non-Represented Supervisors

The ability to articulate the goals and vision of the organization and department, ensuring both are aligned and well understood internally and externally.

Project Management
The ability to manage each stage of a project or program, ensuring that expectations related to productivity are achieved and that commitments are met in a timely manner.

Leading Cross-Culturally
Fosters an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision, values and goals of the City of Vancouver.

Managing Employee Performance
The ability to take action to ensure that employees fully understand their roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations.

Learn more about the City of Vancouver Core Competencies (PDF file)

+ Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Vancouver is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals. Therefore, the City will not discriminate in any employment practice on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, political or religious affiliation or opinion, color, national origin, marital status, military status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or any other protected status under applicable law.

+ E-Verify

The City of Vancouver participates in E-Verify. For more information, please see www.dhs.gov/E-Verify or call 1-888-464-4218.

+ How To Apply

For a successful application process, please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Record your username and password when you set up an account. You will need it to apply for other positions or to check the status of your application. When you re-enter the system, you will need to input this information exactly as it was originally entered.
  • Submit a complete application on time. The closing date and time are noted on the job posting. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Include all relevant education and experience that you have when applying for a position. If you held more than one job with an employer, list each job separately.
  • Click "Submit" before the application deadline! You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application. If you do not receive an email, contact Human Resources for assistance prior to the closing date.
  • Check your email (including your spam folder) and voicemail for job related communications, invitations to interview and updates to your status on a regular basis.
  • You may check the status of your application by clicking on the 'Applicant Login' link.
  • Click here for more information.

Online applications are stored on a secure site. Only authorized City employees have access to the information submitted.

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